Alternative things to try

Hi folks. It seems that MVD is not always working or comes back. I have not wanted a surgical solution after gett a deep venous clot after a simple hernia surgery. So, I keep my eye out and try other things.

I am currently trying ActiPatch, a very inexpensive gizmo that you tape to your face in the location of the most significant pain area. It uses very low power radio frequencies to treat pain. It has not been tested in a controlled trial setting on on facial pain, was tested and successful on other pain modalities. The journal article about the clinical trials is in Pain Manag. (2015) 5(6), 413–423. Amazon carries the ActiPatch. It costs 10 dollars to try it for 7 days.

Another approach is reported in the British Dental Journal (BDJ) by Dr. Andrew Carmichael. It involves taking a fat soluble form of Vitamin C (ascorbic palmitate) taken with vegetable or fish oil. His reports are at the BDJ April 2012 (PA and fish oil) and BDJ 2014; 212: 356–357). The amount per dose, I think, is 2 grams ob AP with a table spoon of oil. He stumbled on this by accident when treating folks with Parkinsons with the same material. Amazon carries the ascorbyl palmitate.

Obviously, check with your doc before embarking on a new approach.

how is the ActiPatch working for you?