Allergic reaction to Lyrica and GABA...eleval

Question for anyone, a few years ago when I was being treated by an orthopedic for my cervical neck issues he prescribed the above meds to try to stop the severe nerve pain I had pre and post op of both ACDF surgeries. However, I had serious reaction to these drugs, my throat closed, tongue swelled
Never mind the fact that I was in a fog couldn’t think, felt drunk.
Are there in the same class of drugs used to treat TN?
I’m scared that if the dr prescribed any of the medicines you all take that are anti seizure meds, I’ll have the same reaction if not worse.
I never want to re-live that experience again
Any thoughts?

I'm guessing by GABA you are referring to Gabapentin? Yes, that is one of the medicines that is frequently prescribed for us. In fact, it is the only med I have been on for the past 3 yrs. for tn. It is usually prescribed at a very low dose and you are to slowly increase to hopefully avoid side effects. When I started, it was 100mg daily for a week or two, then 2 x 100 mg daily.

Each time I get bumped up it is by 100 mg for a week or so.

But, good golly, I would never want to try it if I had your experience. There are many, many medicines to try which is why it is important to find a doctor who is familiar with tn. There is a wonderful book you might want to consider adding to your library ~ "Striking Back!" by Dr. Kenneth Casey. The book contains so much information on tn, including so many different ways people have found relief. It covers all the surgeries as well as a nice summary of the medications used and even holistic ways people have found some relief.

I think GABA is something different = The substance gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) is a neurotransmitter,

OR were you on gabapentin?

Lyrica is sort of related to anti-seizure meds I think but not really? CALL your pharmacist!!!

Here is a list of our favorite meds --- print it off and march to your doctor with it!

Gabapentin dose should escalating gradually to recommended dose 400 mg 3 times a day total 1200 mg

lyrica is better at night so you don`t feel thing

opioids is long term treatment but not effective for all cases and almost no side effects but withdrawal effects.

NSAID`s short term only when pain shoots and ugly side effects and not effective for every one.