I have to fly for a work conference and am afraid that this may set of an “attack” and then I may not be able to attend all my classes. I hate for my boss to pay for this trip and get nothing out of it. Has anyone had any experience with this? either positive or negative? Thanks!

I just took a round trip plane trip, about hour & 15 min flight. I have been having really bad flare ups so I was very scared to fly. I made sure I took medication right before, and I made sure the overhead air was completely off! The worst part was having to stand by some huge fans getting on the plane so I had to cover my face or move away as much as possible. But it ended up being fine. I did keep more medication in my pocket and in my purse in case of emergency but I didn’t need them. I know stress makes me get a flare up so I made sure I took deep breaths and just read or listened to music so I could stay calm. I’m sure you’ll be fine too! Good luck!

I was in exactly the same boat. I have not flown since my TN started (I have TN2). In fact I had to cancel a very important conference trip which really, truly sucked ( i had always wanted to go and it was in Chile). Anyways, this time around i couldnt say no to my boss and i took the flight. It caused me a lot of anxiety but the flight was short. It did make me feel worse, i be honest with you. But everyone is different, there was another thread about flying and some people dont even get affected. I guess the best advice is to cover your face with a nice scarf, relax and have your medication on hand. I took some lorazepam for my flight to make it easier. Also i took some baclofen that night to help me sleep.

Good luck my friend.


Thank you. I 'm glad you had a positive experience and I will hold out hope for one as well.

I guess I really need to try to relax so that the anxiety of having anattack doesn’t get the best of me. Thanks

Hi, I was also afraid of what happens if I fly; had both short trips here ( I live in Europe) and also overseas to the US and no problems. the reaction may be individual, hope you will be fine. My pains are worse when I am stressed, so try to relax and not focus on it. best wishes to you and good luck with the trip !