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Aimovig, Ajovy, Eemgality Warning


The new “miracle” injections for migraines are slowly starting to have negative effects posted. Nothing official, mind you. Officially the manufacturers of all three list the only side effect as injection site reaction.

But, do a little digging and you find people are starting to post reactions anecdotal. One reaction that I felt should be mentioned on this site is the fact the several people have posted that about two weeks after the first shot their TN/ATN flared.

Is this medically proven? No.

But it was bad enough for a dozen people to mention it and they all had a flare at the two week mark – and that was just in the first four pages of comments I was skimming through.

Food for thought.



I have been taking Aimovig since July. Where can i read about the side effects you posted? It helps the migraines for sure. My tn changed a bit but i figured it just does that. Thank you for providing this info.



Here are some of the sites I found very interesting in terms of patient-reported experience:

This article I stumbled into and found additional information about the original side effect reporting:

I’m happy to hear you’re doing well on it. The first dose (a week ago) has gone so poorly for me I won’t be doing a second dose.