After MVD surgery, does anyone still have pre surgery facial pain

Have any of you had continued issues with “pre surgery” pain even after the MVD procedure.
Even though the nerve has been isolated with Teflon pledgets, are your symptoms gone or not.?
My understanding is the root of the facial pain is due to the Trigeminal nerve being pressed or stragulated by the blood vessel or vessels.
By eliminating the source of this pain by isolating the nerve impulse, you eliminate the facial pain, Right ?
What if even with MRI indicating the compression, that you also have sinus issues that are being involved.
Am I to expect that by eliminating the Trigeminal compression, that these sinus pains will also go away.
My surgery is scheduled for Friday May 13th. My hopes are that all these terrible symptoms will be gone for ever…
Let me know your thoughts … Thanks,