After MVD surgery do you feel the Teflon in your head?

Finally MVD surgey1/23/14 does any one feel the Teflon they put In between the nerves that have been damaged? Does it feel like you have something tight in your head?

Good luck on your surgery. I hope of have success!! You do not feel the teflon!!

No, you don’t feel the Teflon, I haven’t heard of anyone who has either.
You might feel a tightness/pressure like feeling on that side of your head while “things” are healing but it’s not painful, just a weird sensation.
(( hugs )) Mimi

Nope… Let us know how it goes !

My MVD was 11 weeks ago and I have never felt the teflon or anything in my head. In fact, that side of my head feels exactly the same as my other side, as if I never had surgery :). Yeah for you getting an MVD to solve this nightmare - I will pray for you!!

I hope everything goes well for you, and that you come out the other side pain free...I should be getting my MVD fingers crossed in May or June...ins is the issue but both doc's feel it is the best option for me. Let us all know how it goes and give us a day by day blow by blow report if u're able....Good luck

No you wont even know it is there. Unlike clips it is of no concern when having MRI's done in future.

I cannot feel the teflon although things certainly feel different than before the MVD. My surgeon advised I may never regain full feeling in my scalp on the side of the incision and I have also lost feeling in the upper part of my ear on that side. I notice a strange sensation in my scalp when it is cold especially. It is hard to describe it other than to say it feels like a tightness. It has been almost 9 months since my surgery. At first I could not feel my ear at all then slowly all but the top part regained sensation. I wish I had known this before just so I wouldn't have been surprised. I wish you the best of luck with your surgery. You are in my thoughts and prayers. -Laura

Hi. I can’t feel the Teflon, however can feel edge of the plate in my head. Sometimes sore to press on. My mvd was 12 months ago and the feeling is back on the whole of my head, although still numb at the top of my ear. Lately my scalp has been incredibly itchy, but am guessing it’s the nerves repairing. Like others, my head has a tight feeling to it, and the shape of my head is certainly different!!

No, I dont feel anything except an occasional "tightening" around the exterior of the incision spot. Nothing of note though.

Good luck with the MVD. 18 months post for me, no TN pain. Amen.

My MVD was 5 weeks ago, I had some complications with 2 csf leaks so I had to have a further surgery - which was 2 and a half weeks ago. My wound is pretty tight, and I have a numb right side of my face - but no I can't feel the teflon. Good luck with your surgery. Oh, since my surgery - I have NO TN pain! :-)

I hope your surgery went well and was a success. I had the MVD in 2007 and my head feels tight at the sight of surgery. I have never felt the teflon though. I also have a lumpy head there too now. The surgeon said it's where he overcompensated for muscle shrinkage.

Maybe google the Teflon pads, they must be really small!