Advice on 2nd MVD

I had mvd March 2014 and the pain came back Dec 2014. Currently on 800mg tegretol had my first appt yesterday with Dr. Brown he found a vein looped around the nerve and suggested another mvd.(he did not perform my first surgery nor was the vein there according to an earlier Mri that he reviewed) I would just like to hear from anyone in regards to 2nd Mvd. It’s not a surgery I really wanted to repeat.Any thought would be appreciated.

If in doubt don't. Neurosurgeons will often push the surgery, but remember as the patient you are in control. If you can handle the medication, and do not want to go through another MVD, then stay that course.

Dr. brown did the MVDS on both my right and left sides. Right side cured shocks, but not burning pain of TN2, most likely due to the fact the nerve had been compressed for almost ten years. MVD on the left side, which had only been affected for a year ,was a complete success. I had a PNS implanted to the right to control the pain and am now pain and med free.
I know you are asking about a second MVD, and although I can’t really comment on that, I did want to let you know what a great experience I had with Dr. Brown.
Best of luck to you