Admitted to hospital again, starting Lyrica

Hi Guys!

I’m back in hospital. I am totally bored, so thought I would post!

I’ve been admitted again. The ER Dr thinks its Neuralgia. I’m sad but happy all the same time. They just started me on 75 mgs of Lyrica twice a day.

I’m glad to be back here. You know your not well when you actually want to be in hospital!

I see the Neuro tomorrow.

Well, at least you’re in the place where people go to get better :slight_smile: And that’s a good thing! Let us know how the Neuro goes and what he has to say!

Hi Beccy,

I hope you start to get some relief from the new meds soon. But you are in the right place at the moment. After our chat on Saturday I was worried about you.
As the girls before me have already said keep us updated with how things go.

Love Jo X x

Feel better, Beccy. Hopefully the Lyrica will help and the neurologist will be able to finally sort things out for you. Keep us posted!

Well I am back. They put me on Epilum and sent me on my way. They think it sounds half nerve pain and half migraine. Ummm … not so helpful. Considering they still dont know where the pain is coming from. The ER Dr thought it was defiantly Neuralgia.

Ho humm, anyhoo … check out my CT scan which I uploaded to my pics. Hmmm … very weird.

Hi Ro Ro!

The Neuro I saw in the hospital thinks its a mixture of nerve pain and migraine. Hmmm.

I had a MRI a few weeks ago, that was all cool. I had a CT with contrast, which is the one that showed up that massive hawking vein.

I went to the physio yesterday, as a inpatient. He found some spots of nerve pain, but obviously couldn’t trace it to any one spot.

The first time I saw my neuro and told me it was neuralgia, I was relieved. The worst thing that could happen is when the doctor doesn’t know why you’re in pain. He also gave me lyrica and am taking it up till now. 75mgs twice a day and it does help ease the pain but hard for me to function. It makes me sleepy. So my activities are limiting. I really am a very active person before.