does anyone feel that there glasses and hat bothers rhem

I don't wear hats but when my face hurts my glasses bother me ALOT.

woody i found Amitriptyline helped me with the nerve to eye ache which my specs caused. Also the lighter the frame the less the ache.

yes — and contacts bother my eyes as well so i'm looking in to lasik. i have a consult next week. i have tried putting pads and such on the nose bridge of my glasses but that doesn't seem to help. i also no longer wear hats. i have found a knit headband that doesn't bother me that i will wear outside during winter.

I also can no longer wear contacts and wear my plastic frames as opposed to my metal ones because they are lighter.

Good thing I don’t have to wear glasses because when I am having pain I can’t even wear sun glasses. The light hurts my eyes but glasses hurt more. I close my eyes a lot in times like that and clip all my bangs and little hairs off of my face. A headband would be more efficient but that hurts way too much!

My eyeglasses being unbearable was the first sign to me something was wrong with my face. My prescription keeps me from being able to wear contacts so I am currently seeking out super light frames or possibly eye surgery. Otherwise, when pain hits, I just have to stop what I am doing and take the glasses off.