Living With Facial Pain

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I am six weeks out after having a rhizotomy for sever TM pain. I had one done 7/5, that did not work. The second one was done on 7/22. I was sent home with no knowledge of the after effects, except to expect numbness. After searching I found out I may have AD, which I knew nothing about. I have a brain tumor which causes my Trigeminal nerve to fire. After reading the comments on this chat, it has helped me to understand more about the after effects or my RF rhizotomy. I still have numbness, soreness, and occasional needle pricking sensations in my lower right jaw. Chewing is getting better but not good yet. Thanks for your comments.

Gloria L.



Hey everybody! I’m new to the community and to this diagnosis. I’ve been dealing with this for about 6 months and had no idea what was going on. My family physician finally sent me to a neurologist and here I am. After reading some of the posts it does seem as if there is hope. I was sure this was a death sentence because I had never heard of this before and didn’t know anyone else who suffered with it. Praise GOD that is not the case. Looking forward to learning more about this disorder and how I can live with it!



Hello from Fargo!