Living With Facial Pain

A2m Treatment


Has anyone tried this A2M stuff for typical facial pain.I was told that it may rebuild the myelin sheath.
It looks like they withdraw some blood-process it and then inject it-not exactly sure.
Just wondering whether anyone has tried it.


Hi Ellen6. I hadn’t heard of it before now, but at this point, I’ll try just about anything. Please post if you do end up trying it or know of anyone who has. My best to you.


I will let you know.

I had Botox last week on my jaw.Done by a maxiofacial guy who did not think it would help.It is doing something-on the right side.

Touch wood that it helps as it is much cheaper than the A2M-which is about 2 grand-but supposed to repair the myelin sheath.


I’ve never heard of this, Ellen - it sounds really interesting. I’m going to look it up. Please do tell us about it if you find out anything else or decide to try it. Is it a ‘legitimate’ medical treatment as done by doctors, or is it an alternative one done by alternative health practitioners?



It is an official medical doctor kind of thing.

I had never heard of it before-but I just had an appointment at one of the larger hospitals in Toronto and the doctor suggested it.It is not done in hospitals-as it is not covered.But he does work out of my private pain management office so I would get it done there-if it comes to that.So far,touch wood,the botox is helping me to reduce my pain meds by a third in one week-which just proves to me that I am taking them for pain-not because I am addicted to them

From what I understand the A2M is something akin to stem cell treatment.


I would offer a word of caution about A2M – right now it’s vaguely considered a possible next generation arthritis treatment. A2M is specifically used to promote tissue growth, prevent the breakdown of cartilage, and support the overall restoration of an affected joint. Which, really, has nothing to do with nerve damage. Although they do make the claim that it can also be used “with other degenerative conditions” – which sounds entirely too vague and broad-based to me.

The A2M gene is implicated in Alzheimer’s disease – which is also very far away from TN/ATN.

The fact that it’s not covered and being offered for cash payment is also a red flag for me. Could it be a money maker for the office? I can’t find any evidence that it helps nerves in any setting, and, based on the studies so far, having the treatment done doesn’t seem to be risk factor for adverse reaction, it just won’t work outside a joint. At least as far as I can tell, keep in mind I’m not a doctor.


I am seeing that ,too-but when they went into the back room to look up what might be available to me it came up .Possibly something to do with my waardenburg Syndrome.They said that could cause demyelinization and the a2m might repair it.

Much in Canada is now being offered in private clinics-so I would not be worried about that aspect.

Whether it is a money maker-pretty sure it is-I would not be doing physio,chiro or a whole host of other things waiting for them to be “covered”.

Thanks for your opinion-would like to see if anyone else has been offered and tried this therapy