A warm welcome to Redbekia for Wisconsin


Welcome to Living With Facial Pain! Sounds like you are a big believer in alternative medicine. I’m not familiar with a lot of the relevant techniques mentioned in your profile - and I’m sure many others aren’t as well - so its always great getting new perspectives and opinions around here! One of my closest friends, however, is in school to become a Naturopath - so I’m sure she will be enlightening me about a lot of stuff haha!

Anyways, I think you’d do well to start getting involved in some of the discussions around here - so you can share perspectives with our many wonderful members and engage in fruitful discussion. You should also check out the “How To Use This Site” tab up top, if you’d like some useful beginner tips.

Enjoy your time here and let me know if you have any questions!

Hi Eisi,

Hey, I’ve been swamped and ill here for a bit so only just now got to this email. Tried to go on the site and sign in but it’s not letting me. Can you help?

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I see you, so you can’t login from the website? Is it saying you have the incorrect login information when you try to do so?

I’m assuming what happened is you may have forgotten what your password is, and if that is the case - you should select the “I forgot my password” after clicking “Log In”.

This should prompt you to enter your email so you can reset your password.

Let me know if that works!

I’m in. Thanks for your help. Still slowly figuring out the site and think it’s wonderful! I’ve been so alone with this pain. Hubby doesn’t believe the pain levels. I have 3 young grandchildren in the house this morning and they are sleeping in. LOL Grandma is taking personal time here.

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