A warm welcome to our new friend from Alberta, JaneB!

@JaneB Hi there Jane! Welcome to the wonderful community of Living With Facial Pain! Wow, you have the same name as my friend! I’m sure you’re just as adorable as her! I love playing computer games as well. Trying new recipes, huh? So, I’m guessing you’re a wonderful cook? What kinds of dishes are you into lately? By the way, I can’t imagine how bad that 27-year journey was and I hope that you’re doing fine now. Also, I am hoping that your appointment with your surgeon goes well. I’m so glad that Facebook brought us to you and I hope that you love being here as well.

I see that you’ve already spent a decent amount of time reading and viewing posts. So, please continue doing so. As you may know, we have lots of members here who went through the same situation as yours. Therefore, I encourage you to start getting involved and start your own thread! You can do this by going to the community’s home page and then look for the “+” button in the right quarter. After creating your thread, just click the “Create Topic” button and you’re ready to go! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!

Eymie :blush: