"A TN Short Story" by leanne

My husband and I live on a two acre piece of property just outside of Ottawa. When we bought the house 3 years ago it was abandoned for years and years. Needless to say it needed alot of TLC.The property even had a few wild cats living on and around the property (that's another story).

One day all the cats disappeared except for this one black cat. You wouldn't see him regularly but one beautiful day I decided to go for a walk down by the meadow and just as I reached the tall grass a black flash zipped away into the woods. Vanished. If not for the little tuff of black fur on the bed of grass I might of thought I imagined it. By the look of the chunk of fur it looked like he narrowly escaped something bigger than he.

Fall was coming near. One fine day I heard my husband talking to someone outside. And there he was the black cat and Harry. Harry says to me "This is Blackie". He was an extremely affectionate cat. If you crunched down he'd come running to you and rub his forhead with all his might on your hand. His eyes shone. He really loved us. We fed him and then he would disappear again off into his kingdom like magic.
He'd start to come into the house and say to hello to our ailing 14 year old cat Elcreaso. Elcreaso would just lift her head, give a hiss. Blackie never bothered her. He had ferocious claws, and Dracula teeth which hang out of his tiny mouth. He new she was the Queen at this part of his territory. So anyways, he'd basically check out the other rooms and then reach for the door handle to say he wanted out. His visits were spiratic. Harry and I joked that he'd go to one house to the next for food, which probibly wasn't too far from the truth. We don't know much about his time he spent away, and we always wondered how many miles he put on in a day.
Winter passed and no sign of Blackie. We thought for sure he found a nice warm house to settle in. God forbid if anything bad happened to him. Winter passed and no Blackie. Then one late March day who show s up but BLACKIE!! Fat as a seal!! ( Now I have to mention Elcreaso wasn't doing too well and died a couple of weeks later. I know very sad we had her for a very long time and she was suffering.) Blackie had a bite to eat and then he was gone again. And he didn't show up again for a very long time either. When he did come back he too was sick. But it didn't bother his appitite any, he still had his meal, then off again. This continued all threw summer into late fall. We decided to bring him to the vet to get his shots and to take care of his ailments. After that he started spending the night in our house but you'd be sure, he'd be ready to go outside first thing in the morning. Back again for a meal, back outside and gone to his secret spots.
When I started to get my series of attacks from TN. Blackie couldn't figure out what was wrong. He looked all around the bed and he couldn't find the monster attacking his Mother. When my TN had me bed ridden for days and I didn't have a grasp on time. Blackie seemed like he was always at the end of the bed. I remember being so heavily medicated and finding this surprising, cause this is the best time of the year to be outside around here. And not yesturday Harry says to me, "Do you want to see some pictures I took of your Blackie Boy?" Here he is just outside the back door purched on top of a fence post. In eye shot, on guard. Not going too far. This picture was taken during my bedridden time. And me oblivious. We love him so much. Thank you Harry, thankyou Black.

That is a beautiful Story Leanne! I had a tear in my eye just reading it! Thank you!

Best wishes ~ Kerry ~ xx

oh my goodness. i love that story. aren’t pets the best? i’m so sorry you have been in so much pain. Obsiouly, blackie was too! he wanted to hug you and tell you it would be better soon. Thank you so much for your empathy and comment this morning, Leanne. I read it almost as soon as you posted it, but couldn’t respond. hope you are better soon!