A Skilled and Compassionate Doctor!

I wanted to recommend my neurosurgeon Dr. Ramesh P. Babu. He is such a kind and compassionate doctor! After dealing with so many physicians who either failed to diagnose my condition, acted rudely, or tried to admit me to the psych ward for "making my pain up", Dr. Babu was a godsend. He was very patient and listened to me describe my symptoms before recommending a micro-vascular decompression for my bilateral atypical TN. After each of my surgeries, he made sure I was taken care of very well by the rest of the NYU staff, whom also I appreciate all of them!. He also did such a great job on my stitching so that I only have a faint scar left behind each ear. As a result of the MVD, my pain has drastically reduced in 2 of the 3 branches of my trigeminal nerves. I still deal with my upper branch TN on a daily basis, but I now have a lot more good days than bad ones. Dr. Babu truly has saved my life as I would not have gone on much longer living in extreme agony. Thank you so much Dr. Babu!!

Dr. Rramesh Babu (NYU Medical Center)

I'm happy to read that Dr Babu was a life saver for you! I went to see him in Dec 2013. I have GPN. I put off my surgery for now, I am very nervous and scared to go through with it . I hate everyday dealing with all the meds and those aweful side effects. I do see surgery some where down the line.