A sensitive subject - where do you post this one?

Ok, we are all mostly grown ups here-- we have issues with hearing, bladder contro,l blah blah blah

I don't think I want to bring this up in the face-to-face support group I belong to

have you ever had an attack in the middle of intamacy?

This is the one of the most stunning - litterally - things that have happened with this

Its like - what private moments are left that cannot be ruined up by this monster TN

You know, when you are drinking a coke, and the pain comes, you put the coke down and put your hand to your face

Even when you are a 40 something newlywed with a very understanding husband - it's just like being kicked around for no good reason - TN makes me more sad than mad - but not today - Im Pissed Off!

Dancer, there's an "Adults" group where issues of this sort can be discussed without concern for participation by minors. However, I can relate to your concern as the spouse of a TN patient...

Go in Peace and Power,