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I was diagnosed with T.N in June. I've self-diagnosed it is Atypical or TN 2 as I've yet to see a Neurologist again since I left hospital 3 months ago and my pain is in the teeth, jaw, temple and at times migraine headaches. Tonight I've been getting different sensations than I'm used to. More sudden and sharp. I've read that some members have TN 1 and 2. Has anyone had 2 first and then 1 also? Excuse my ignorance. Thanks.

Yes, I had the burning boring pain on and off for close to 10 years before I ever got any of the shocks. I have another condition called a Chiari Malformation that I attributed to what I now know the “TN2” pain to. These pains became unrelenting in Dec 2011, and the shocks started in Jan 2012. I too self diagnosed TN, and finally found a neuro who agreed with me in June 2012. I went to a top TN neurosurgeon in Nov 2012 who diagnosed Atypical bilateral TN( started up on the other side in October 2012).
I am happy to answer any and all questions!

Helen, I would recommend finding a neurologist ASAP so that they can start to work on a med cocktail for you my dear. There are many different drugs and combination of drugs that can be used to hopefully control the TN. Mine was not controlled with meds so I had MVD a year ago - which worked. We have a close friend with TN that lives in KS. He has to drive a couple of hours to get to a neurologist but they have finally found his magic cocktail and his TN is now more than less controlled so that he can enjoy his life. He is very active and does quite a bit of traveling and plays lots of golf. I tried wht med route for a year before I opted for the MVD at the recommendation of my neurologist as we were pretty much out of options without making me a complete zombie. Best of luck and keep us posted. Hugs -- Mary

Yes, I started witht TN 2. Then had one big shock three years later. Then four years after started having baby shocks then the next year became bilateral as result of havin a tooth capped… !!:’(
A quite horrid experience. But now I am pretty well painfree for the last month and a half!!! Yeah!!!

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MRI is hardly found evidence if MRI… Most of thousands here never had a picture prove it! That is old fashioned … There are many ways we end up with TN…maybe with shingles virus…but not a cold!
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