Living With Facial Pain

A Drug that works for me for TGN

I have suffered TGN for decades. (I am going on 86.) l endured all the surgeries and radiation pops. One venture almost killed me thanks to surgeon’s little error with closing my skull after digging around in it for six hours. Brain fluid leaked out. Big brain infection. Long hospital stay. A bit scary. WhooHoo!

Over the decades I have also tried so many dangerous drugs prescribed by this pain doc or that I forget their names.

Seven years ago I swallowed one 200-mg VimPat (Lacosamide) pill. Fifteen minutes later a little dizziness. But 15 more minutes the miracle: No pain. And then no pain for another three hours to four hours. So for about three to four doses daily TGN pain gone for me.
That has remained the process.
Now also know: (1) I am a big tall person. During the miracle years I have weighed from 260 lbs. to my present 180 lbs. and (2) I have been able to afford VimPat.

There’s the virtue and the vice. VimPat stifles my TGN pain absolutely. But VimPat in the U.S. costs big time–as much as $700 to $800 a month. I have paid both depending on circumstances, cursing while I did.

But even I don’t like the price and damn the drug owners and the U.S. law that lets them gouge Americans. And the law that disallows prescriptions that will not work in Canada and in the UK.

There is, however, a way, to avoid those strictures if one does not have prejudices. I would be glad to discuss that way in private.

So: VimPat works absolutely for me. No pain. No strain. (Well, a trifle.) 2020-03-26T04:00:00Z