A diifference of opinoin

I just read a post on facebook, where some one said, " Thank God for everything." I started to say something, than stopped. Even as a person of faith, I often think of my TN as a curse, not a blessing. I often think the blessing comes, in not having the disease it's self, but the things I have learned as a result of having it. I have learned I am stronger than I ever would have thought I am as a result of having TN. I have had to learn new ways to stay involved in the things I love. I miss riding my bike badly, but I live the sport through a lot of my friends that ride. One friend is now riding his bike across the USA, and I love getting his facebook updates. Personally, I think said friend is nuts for doing what he is doing, but he is young. I have met a lot of wonderful people through the shared experience of having TN. I also got a heartbreaking reminder this week, that as bad as I think I have life, there is someone out there who has it a lot worse. For the past 6 years I have watched a beautiful child go blind, unable to walk, or speak, and as of last week, have to have a feeding tube put into her stomach due to Batten disease Oh, I forgot to mention she is also now having Grand Mal seizures. Did I mention this beautiful child is two months shy of her 16th birthday? Compared to that I have come to learn I have life easy.