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A combined effect of dextromethorphan and melatonin on neuropathic pain behavior

https://www.researchgate.net/publication/Has anyone tried this?
I don’t mind being a rat.A climb up from the sewer I am now in
If anyone has other ideas let me know.I am so saddened by all our pain.Maybe some of you bear this gracefully.I cannotn26664419_A_combined_effect_of_dextromethorphan_and_melatonin_on_neuropathic_pain_behavior_in_rats

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Last night I took a teaspoon of the cheapest cough syrup with DM and 10mg melatonin.And today was so wonderful.No pain all day.Not even a twinge when my son got mad at me for bringing him a t-shirt.Awesome
And my teeth are growing back
Just kidding
I could not sleep all night and today was the same.
Try again tonight.
It seems my thyroid is acting up so I may as well experiment on this body -while I still have it.

I take Ambien at night and I am pain free all night. I have started taking 5 mg during the day and with my other medicines and the pain is pretty much gone while on this. It is not the extended release so if you do not “work” with the drug to sleep, it does not knock you out. I also take 20 mg of Adderall so maybe that helps me stay awake. The Ambien is better than the 3000mg of gabapentin I was taking that caused zero pain relief and memory loss.

There is an interesting documentary called The Ambien Effect. One of the guys in the documentary has distonia ( if I remember correctly) from an extraction and the Ambien allows him to function normally.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Hi Indigo
I will have to look up those drugs.
I have not heard of either of them
Who prescribes them for you?Did you ask or was it offered?

Indigo, I am very concerned with how you are using Ambien. It is quite common for people to have periods of strange, seemingly unconscious behavior (like driving around in their underwear, calling their ex, or eating something out of the fridge). I’ve had a few WTH happened episodes myself with Ambien. Taking it during the day is simply asking for trouble.

Ambien is also a drug that is very hard on your body, as it causes wild swings in GABA levels. Doing that day after day will eventually make you feel quite ill.

Ambien is not a true benzodiazepine, but it acts much like one, especially with higher doses and multiple doses. You would probably be much better off switching to a true benzo such as Valium. I use Valium as a topical, and also once in a while for pain relief, it works well in that way for me. Valium is very long-acting, and won’t give you huge blood level swings. It is sedating, but nowhere near the level of Ambien!

Taking a benzo every day is not ideal, but at least Valium can be tapered down (unlike Ambien) and is much safer IMHO. Clonazepam also works quite well for many, and doctors seem to like it for some unexplicable reason.

I wish I could get valium.It is so weird trying to get anything for pain.The tricyclics work for me-but they all cause my hands to go numb.I keep swapping around imiprime,amitryptiline,and nortryptiline.
Effexor was not working and cymbalta turned me into a crying wreck.
Might try prozac if my doctor will prescribe.Even if it takes a few weeks for the hand numbness to start-at least it is a bit of a break from the pain.
Wondering whether the thyroid test results are weird because of the drugs.had an ultrasound today-so that should get answered shortly.
Thanks for all the info

blockquote, div.yahoo_quoted { margin-left: 0 !important; border-left:1px #715FFA solid !important; padding-left:1ex !important; background-color:white !important; } Ziggy,Thank you so much for the info!! I truly appreciate it. It really has been out of true desperation that I have done this. After a year and many different doctors, medications, and no answers or relief I have done this. I am aware of the strange behavior that can go on with Ambien. You bring up very valid points.
It is very good to know that valium works in a similar manner. I had no idea and I will definitely ask my doctor about trying valium. I would much rather have a safer alternative. I am curious about valium as a topical as I have never heard of that or how it works.
Thank you!!

blockquote, div.yahoo_quoted { margin-left: 0 !important; border-left:1px #715FFA solid !important; padding-left:1ex !important; background-color:white !important; } Hi Ellen5,
Ambien is a medication to help you go to sleep. It is not something a doctor would advise. I am using it “off label” during the day. Another person on here has told me it could be very bad for me to over use, and recommend valium instead. Which I am going to ask my doctor to try.
I am not advising anyone to do this, but was very curious if anyone else has tried it like this.
Cheers, Indigo

Glad to hear that was helpful and not naggy! I hope very much that your doctor can set you up with something that is safer, but will provide some much-needed pain relief.

Hi guys, I agree with ziggy.I was prescribed ambian after my MVD surgery to help me sleep . I was worried a little bit to take it because I live alone most of the time while my daughter is away at college .I have heard of people doing strange things like sleep walking , driving or eating . Well,I was desperate to sleep and my daughter was home helping me after surgery so I tried it. Sure enough I got up in the middle of the night had a conversation with my daughter and her boyfriend that made no sense at allthen went to the kitchen and ate something . I didn’t remember doing this the next day so that was the last time I took that. Thankfully my daughter was home and directed me safely back to bed! I would definatly be very careful taking this drug and take only as prescribed .

Another drug that helps sleep is ativan.
But melatonin might help ,too.
I have a very conservative doctor so there is no way he would prescribe Ambienthat to me.Sounds peaceful ,thoughLOL
I tend to topload gabapentin at night and then some marijuana oil.

Ah, I don’t know if I’m seeing this with rose-tinted glasses, but I love the way you Americans can get at all these wonderful drugs! Here in the UK all this stuff is prescription only, if at all, and all the doctors are neurotic about giving you them. My last visit to my doctor, because my TN is coming back, she refused me Carbamazepine, the drug of choice for TN - one I’d been on for 18 months previously without a murmur out of them, even when it caused allergic reactions!

She actually said to me “There are other things we can use to treat TN” and I had a horrible feeling she was thinking about reflexology and Tai-chi. I was too angry to ask. So every time I see our American sufferers’ drug discussions my envy knows no bounds. Don’t even start me on medicinal cannabis. Ah, if only…

I am in Canada and it is much the same-for narcotics anyways.
I cannot believe you would be refused tegretol.WTH
It is not like you are gonna sell it on a street corner.
I am pretty sure the Americans need prescriptions for their drugs.it is just that the doctors will write them.But now,with narcotics anyways,many people are being cut off.

I know, Ellen. Her ego was hurting because I’d gone to see her to ask if I could be tested for Functional B12 Deficiency. When she jumped in to tell me there was nothing wrong with my B12 (because I get monthly injections) I had to correct her to point out that with Functional B12 Deficiency that makes no difference, and then I had to explain it, and the testing, which she hadn’t heard of either. She didn’t like that so she had to wield some power by withholding Carbamazepine.

I don’t know on what planet doctors imagine we are living if they think we enjoy, or get any satisfaction whatsoever, in having to correct them or argue our case. I certainly don’t; I loathe and dread it, but I can’t sit there and let them talk nonsense either. It’s a no-win situation. I had to go and get blood sodium tested so that she’d give me the all-clear for Carbamazepine. So far I haven’t had to go back and demand some, my TN is ‘hovering’, but I will inevitably. I imagine that will be fun; I’m fully expecting to be offered acupuncture or Valerian.

Acupuncture did something to me at the very beginning of this that made my pain skyrocket.And valerian does not work for me.
In Canada we have assisted death now-but this type of pain does not qualify YET.I am guessing which line up I will be put in when I start needing more meds.Working on thyroid supplements now.If they cannot get me into the endocrinologist before August,I may as well start throwing money at those supplements,too.
But with tegretol,it is important to get your blood tested.Don’t fight that battle too hard.Lots of others that you have the possibility of winning.

No, no, I wouldn’t fight that, don’t worry. in fact it was me who arranged to have it done; she didn’t bother - after telling me I would need to have it done before she’d give me meds. Sadly, I’m afraid it was all too obvious it was just being trotted out because she was p’d off. That’s doctors for you…

We are the mice and they are the cats!

Nice metaphor, Ellen. Couldn’t agree more. I try hard to cut them some slack, even if I can’t rise to liking them, but they make it very hard.

Hoping that your pain settles down and you get a break…
I just love it that they say stress aggravates things and getting meds is one of the most stressful things.A gamble ,really.

Oh thank you, Ellen. You’ve no idea how reassuring it is to hear that. I’m always really annoyed by the fights I have with doctors because they shouldn’t be making it more stressing than it already is. On that last visit I had gone to see her for the testing because my TN was coming back and I wanted to make sure it wasn’t because I had a problem with B12 that we weren’t addressing properly. Instead of just asking me questions and finding out what I thought she had to interrupt and argue and then lay down the (totally unnecessary) law over the Tegretol (I explained the low blood sodium was due to cystitis and drinking lots of water, but she wasn’t having that).

To deny someone who is facing the return of TN pain drugs is adding more worry onto the already high levels of anxiety. It is totally uncalled for and completely lacking in compassion.