Living With Facial Pain

A big Hello to mlfetterman from Ohio - who wants to learn about Pumps


Welcome to Living With Facial Pain! I am sorry to hear about the misfortune that your husband has been dealing with - but I think its great that you came on here to look for some advice and support.

I used the Search Icon (top right of green bar) to look through previous topics mentioning “pump” and saw a mention of pumps using morphine, but also ones using Baclofen - which appears to be a muscle relaxant and not a narcotic.
You can look throug the topics here:

Hope that helps a bit - but I also encourage you to start getting involved in discussions around here as well, so you can hear from different community members.

I hope your husband finds a treatment plan that suits him well - and that he is able to return to work as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate to contact me for further questions!