A beer a day keeps the pain away?

Yesterday was a particularly painful day for me. I was working on a big project at work that required focus so I didn't take any meds. When I arrived home in tears, unable to cope any longer with the pain, my husband handed me a beer. I am by no means encouraging mixing alcohol with meds or over drinking. My mother (also a TN sufferer) and I have just found that a beer always takes the edge off of our pain.

So, I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed the same? A glass of wine, a cocktail, or even a shot of hard liquor never work for us like a beer does.

I would try before surgery , when at my worst,
low trilepetal …

A couple times out…we would go dance and I would get strikes!

I would try to kill it off with one big chocolate martini…did not help at all!

After MVD, no trileptal, would get five percent strike while out dancing…

and it would not even take the edge off that set of small strikes!

I have not noticed much difference in pain, but I DO have a couple every now and then, LOL!

Oh I WISH that worked for me. I usually end up in pain, and then unable to take my rescue drugs for fear of mixing them with the alcohol! Lucky you icequeen ;)!!

I find that it helps but when the numbness from the booze wears off the pain comes back stronger.