8 Year post MVD

Once again I’m getting later and later in making my commitment to post on this website on the yearly anniversary of my MVD surgery. Well, I’m only 4 months late:).

I was fortunate that my nerve was being “choked” by veins and not arteries. If it’s a vein it can be cut and cauterized so no Teflon pad to protect the nerve. My nerve was being strangled by 4 veins - guess what? Blessed again, 4 is the maximum number they can cut and cauterize.

How is it today? I do not have pain like before. What I do have is my left side of my face feels tight in wind and cold weather - very tolerable in comparison to how I felt pre-surgery. Prior to the surgery I had rare times where the left side of my tongue would have nerve pain. I knew the MVD would not take care of that because of the location of the nerve feeding the tongue is different and if memory serves me right has to be handled by a rhizotomy. Would I do it again - Hell yes! It has give me a normal life for at least 8+ years with no signs of changing. I hope this post helps people who are trying to decide the best treatment optioin.

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So pleased for you. I hope it long continues.

Thank you for posting. I am 2 weeks out from my MVD, and getting nervous, second guessing my decision, etc. All the normal stuff I suppose. Hearing people share positive stories is reassuring. Thank you for helping.