5 days after MVD ( right retromastoid craniotomy for microvascular decompression)

I arrived at the hospitals Surgery center at 5:20am on 11/23/11 with a TN pain level of about 8. I was checked in quickly. I filled out paper work about life saving options, organs donation etc... THey called me back to the pre-prep area where they asked me to strip and change into a gown. The nurse then asked me a series of questions regarding my health. They then started an IV line, Gathered my belongings and gave them to my family. The nurses let all the family that was with me come in and wait until they were ready to take me into the surgical waiting area. Soon, i said my goodbyes, got all my tears out and i was ready! They wheeled me into another room, where my surgeon was. He asked if i was ready, when i gave him the ok he left to scrub up. The anesthesiologist came next and ask if i had any questions. I told him to please pay close attention to my blood sugar. ( its wacky at times) He then told me he was gonna give me something to relax cuz my heart rate was rising. It didnt put me to sleep, but did relax me. 5 minutes later they told me "its time" and wheeled me to the OR. There, i hopped onto the OR table. There were about 7-10 people in there, several trays with surgical equipment on them and of course the ominous OR lights. I layed back and my surgeon told me " your TN pain will all be over soon, your going to fall asleep now". The surgery lasted almost 3 hours.

In what felt like 5 minutes, i was awake and propped up in my bed, waving my hands frantically cause i was about to vomit. The nurse quickly gave me a basin and i got it out. I fell right back to sleep. I was moved to a room, where my partner and family were waiting for me. I could hear them talking but i could barely answer. I felt no pain at all. I slowly started to wake up and very quickly asked that the catheter be removed. People had come and gone to visit. I barely remember who actually came. By the evening I had come out of the drugged up feeling. I had vomitted a couple more times. They gave me a medicine for that and it didnt happen again. Soon the pain from the MVD started setting in. I had a HORRIBLE headache. Similar to maybe being hit in the head with a sledgehammer! But as soon as i said the word pain i was offered morphine. IT didnt completely relieve me, but it was enough. My neck was stiff, my vision was blurry and I felt dizzy just laying there. BUT the TN pain was gone. I could feel where they messed around inside my head to the T. I could feel that the right side of my head was very swollen. I could feel the staples. But weird enough, most of the right side of my head was numb. I kept wondering, how this was happening. Well I figured it out, the outside (scalp) was numb, but the inside was in PAIN. I stayed over night, waking up about every hour to switch positions. Sleeping is not easy with your head cut open and staples closing it. i could feel every little ounce of blood rushing around through my head, making a swishing sound with the beating of my heart. I needed/recieved morphine about every 2-3 hours. I was up and down on my own throughout the night to use the bathroom. When i woke up the morning the pain was worse. I felt like an elephant stepped on my head. More visitors, more meds, hospital food etc... i was released on 11/24/11 around 7:30. I came home and have been trying to rest. But im just so anxious to get back to life. My youngest kids were at grammas so the house was calm and quiet. Friends brought me a THanksgiving plate.

Since ive been home. The pain has worsened by the day. But i have hope that its gonna switch up and soon it will start getting better. Im applying ice to relieve the swelling and taking the pain meds as needed. Walking slow, talking softly and trying to take it easy.

So far, the pain is manageable and the MVD was totally worth it for me. Oh if you are like me and desperate to have clean hair, DO NOT waste your money on the "spray shampoo" it doesnt work. I had my partner wash my hair for me as i layed on the kitchen counter with my head over the sink, worked great!

If anyone has any other questions dont hesitate to ask.

Hello. Thank you for posting the details of your surgery. I am just slightly confused though, Are you still having TN pain but not as severe or are you saying the pain you are having is just from the surgery?

Wow, I remember that pain very well. I had an MVD and it lasted 2 weeks. I felt cheated!!! I hope yours lasts forever and ever!!!

It sounds to me like it is from the surgery. I had mvd as well but woke up with exteme verigo, numbness on the right side of my face and loss of hearing. I did have a horrible headache for about a week but with some manipulation of the neck it went away. As for the rest, its been about 4 mths since the surgery and I'm spending lots of money on acup and sacro cranio therapy but it seems to be helping as I am slowly getting better. Take it slowly, day by day the headache can be normal as you've been through some pretty intensive surgery but if its still there go back to the dr. He should also check to make sure there isn't any kind of a leak or swelling from the surgery. Otherwise get a second opinion. Its sometimes just a healing process, I expect mine to take up to a year.

I had MVD in May. I am still numb and have vision issues but I am pain free and drug free. I would do it again. It was so worth it. I hope your pain eases soon. The headaches lasted a few weeks for me.

Yes it is pain from the MVD. Im still experiencing headaches. Parts of the right side of my head are numb still. I was prescribed Percocet and im taking them for the pain. I think a nice massage will do the trick... Thank you all for you input.

Well its been 23 days since my MVD the headache has lessened significantly, but is still there pestering me and at times stopping me in my tracks. 1/4 of my head is still numb, the top only of my right ear is still hurting and i still have a pretty bad pain in my face that feels like brusing... Thank to all of you for your well wishes

I had my mvd on Tuesday ad today I’d Friday. Just stared with the ear swising thing. How long did yours last?