4 year old with base of scull/neck pain

My 4year old grandson started having painful episodes about 9months ago. They only last about a minute (seems much longer at the time!), and then he is back to normal.
He can be just sitting watching tv, not doing anything much, and you just hear a screech and find him curled in a ball, clutching the back of his neck, then really crying and screeching in pain. The doctor has referred him to a paediatric neurologist, but the waiting list is 6months!
Has anyone else experienced this time of pain.

Yes. I saw an entire TV show about a girl born with TN. It took three years to figure it out since she had to learn to talk first. Crying jags, curling up on the floor, not eating, these were all described as part of her behavior.

Six months is too long! Isn’t there a different doctor around? If he were having seizures at the same rate as these pain attracts you wouldn’t be waiting six months! Don’t allow the office to take you less seriously because it’s “only” pain.

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My daughter has got back to the doctor to try to hurry it up. We also took him to a and e when he had a bad ear infection, in the hope they do a scan or something, when we told them how worried we are.
They said they couldn’t do anything. We have to wait for the appointment and that they wouldn’t do an X-ray unless they had to, as he’s so young (radiation). They said it could be spasms in the blood vessels, or something that we may never find out!

Hi, we’ve had a date for the appointment now, after going back to our GP, and getting it chased up!
It’s in 2 weeks time now. We’ll see what they say. Hopefully they’ll be able to shed some light on what it could be.

Excellent! Be sure to keep us posted.

Has your grandson had the appointment?