4 months post op tomorrow

Not sure if I will be able to figure out how to add a photo by the end of this. But I’ll try. I am 4 months from surgery. Unfortunately I have not been able to go down on meds. Been getting not often but severe double vision episodes since. Lasting for hours. Totally sucks. They were able to separate the artery from the nerve but I’m guessing there was too much nerve damage? Anyway I been having some discomfort by surgery site. When I feel it it feels like it may be a screw or something? But when I took a picture it seems still kinda reddish and looks like there’s a scab there still. When I lay on that side of my head it still feels like a lot of pressure or when I tilt my head to the side. Is this normal?
I went to the dr today because I’ve been feeling abnormally fatigued. When I mentioned the soreness on my head he didn’t want to get into it because of his lack of knowledge and told me to get ahold of neuro surgeon. I sent the np an email. Probably won’t hear anything until Monday.
So I guess my question is. Should my scar still be looking that way? I always keep my hair clean that’s for sure. Just don’t know and figured I’d ask my friends here. Thank you. yayy figured out the picture. Don’t mind the dandruff. Its been like that since surgery! :smirk:

I also had this about for some time after surgery and googled/webMD searched it. I believe it was seborrheic dermatitis. I washed my hair with a tar-based shampoo (smells terrible, but do it anyway), and it cleared up in a few days.