35 days post op for mvd and still having pain

I have had ATN for 8 years and had mvd and I'm still having pain. Has anyone else experienced this? I have seen so many doctors. Some said I had tn, others said glossopharyngeal Neuralgia another said geniculate. All I know is that I woke up with a headache every day deep in my head and ear and I went to bed with the same pain. Now, after the mvd, I am still with the pain. Ive read that some people have no pain after surgery and I feel so let down, that after all I've been through, I'm still in pain. I need some hope.


ATN has relatively lower success rates than TN with MVD surgery. This doesn't mean that you have you don't have any any of the others. Have you ever had a targeted or a FIESTA MRI? These two versions of MRIs are the best at detecting problem areas for ATN or TN. If you have not had either of these done, I would highly recommend getting it done. Did your neurosurgeon explain that this might happen? If not, I would recommend finding another one.

the first doctor I saw and had gamma knife and rhizotomy with said I had glossopharyngeal neuralgia but I still felt the same and then I went to another dr. and he said I have geniculate neuralgia and I had a mvd and now I feel worse. I have left side temporal/ear pain with tinntus that aches all day. 45 days after mvd I feel my symptoms exacerbated.