3 muscles that can cause dental pain


This is just info on the muscles that can cause the pain.I do not know whether the trigger point stuff works.It is just the most concise info on these muscles that I can find,
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Interesting Ellen,

As you probably know Iā€™m not ignorant of referred pathways, these three, you can have trigger point therapy, squirt botox into them and hopefully provide relief of symptoms. Why are they misbehaving in the first place?? Trauma; physical, mental/ emotional, chemical. These have to be addressed for lasting benefit. All can be lessened with diet, hydration, vitamin d, stress reduction, and maybe in combo with physical therapy addressing the nerve supply to these muscles. Two are controlled by the trigeminal nerve, so no surprises there , one the facial nerve but still shares a common origin in the neck. As a first resort sort out your neck.

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