3 Months Post MVD

Christmas Eve will be my 3 months since MVD. I thank everyone who supported me and I cannot still believe that I am feeling so good. Each day is better. I am beginning to have fun, smile more, even sing the songs of the season sometimes quite loudly even though I cannot carry a tune

I have been blessed with a new chance to lead a normal life. I know I was promised at least 5 years and I hope the clock ticks slowly do I can enjoy some of the things I used to do before TN entered into my life

I pray for all those suffering right now that you may find relief and peace from TN. Perhaps 2015 will prove to he your year to gain back what you have lost. I feel like a new person and wish all TN people the same.

God bless. And yes Merry Christmas ( I love this season ). This is the first time in many years that I can honestly say I love Christmas and definitely all the excitement and wonder it brings

All the best to all


I'm truly so happy for you. It seems there are so many of us that still suffer with this terrible thing that has a hold of us. I to had an MVD 4 1/2 yrs. ago. Pain free from that, but now I have AD. Sometimes i wish I had the TN back. I could manage it most of the time with meds.

Now it is constant pain. Never goes away. No one can see it and I get so tired of putting up such a front that I'm fine. By night fall, I sit on my bed feeling sorry for myself with the pain I have covered up. I just pray for an answer.

You have a great Holiday and a wonderful and healthy New Year.


Thank you for your kind words. I am so sorry for the suffering you have now. We do not deserve this. We definitely did not ask to have this pain. I still believe in the power of being positive, finding something to be thankful for each day. Today what made me smile was two squirrels on a fence just loving each other. The fence was near a parking lot and there were a few people watching their antics

Smiling is a good tool because happy thoughts get those good endorphins going in our bodies.

Take care. Warm thoughts and best wishes for relief

Hi Chippy

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!! Glad to hear your feeling so well!!!! Thanking GOD

I recently Had A MVD in November. Its been about 6 weeks. I'm still in pain. Not the electric.

But searing Jabbing nerve inflammation type. Did you Have any of this after the surgery?

Just wondering how long before I will have relief.

I am Happy for you!

Enjoy your Freedom




Glad the MVD is now completed for you. It does take time. I felt what I perceived to be TN pain but I put it down to what they did inside of my head. I still have a very tender hard to touch area on the right side of my head. It was aching as Christmas Day was ending as I now realize even if you are having a good day the body has limitations and naturally the pain lands up in your head. I still feel like I get aches in my jaw and some teitching. Within the first few weeks post MVD. I did get some jolts but I kept telling myself it was the procedure due to their equipment and looking around inside the head. I am sure this will all pass for you. Please give it more time. I know we all want instant relief after MVD but as with any operation the healing process takes time.
Here is hoping that 2015 provides you with better head health and happiness to enjoy life better
All the best to you and keep in touch


What is MVD? I have been in severe pain for a year now on the left side of my face and head. The pain began about 2 years ago on the Right side I now have dropping on my Right side. And a knot in front of my right ear. Is this normal I have no ideal. I have been to so many doctors, ER's its crazy. I lost my insurance about 2 years ago which has made getting treatment really hard. I no longer work , haven't worked since August of 2012. At that time I had began having severe Asthma symptoms. That November the TN started. Its been a night mare ever since. I'm now 55 having to live with my sister. I have no income. I have applied for disability but it is taking forever to get that approved. I have now been able to get insurance and I'm scheduled to have a MRI and see Neurosurgeon at Emory University. I just pray with all my heart that he can help me. I truly don't know what I will do if he can't.

Sorry yo have such pain. An MVD is short for Micro Vascular Decompression which is brain surgery where the neurosurgeon goes in to see if an artery is pressing upon the Trigeminal nerve. The doctor then inserts sponges or Teflon I order to stop the pulsations on the nerve which causes the pain. In my case a large vein was on my nerve.
If you can try reading Striking Back by Dr Ken Casey or look him up on the Internet. He gives a talk to a TN support group and it may provide you with some extra information
Your friend

Thank you Chip, I did look it up. As I thank I said I am meeting with my neurosurgeon on February 7th. I am so hopeful that he can help me. I'm so glad to hear you are doing well. Gives me hope:)


Keep being hopeful and positive. Finding something to be thankful for and something that makes you smile helps me get through the days. It is amazing when you get that moment of “oh I have a clear head and TN has given me a break”. Those are when you can smile and be thankful
All the best and keep us informed as to how your doctor visit went

I will , Thank you!! I hope you continue to do well.