Living With Facial Pain

2014-02-04 09.39.03


Ouch. Though she says the staples bothered her less coming out than the stitches.


I've had both staples and stitches (not for TN surgery, though). They look AWFUL, don't they? Frankenstein like! But apparently there is less scarring from them and I found them easier to come out as well. Other than that, what a nice neat incision! How is the patient now?


She is doing great. We are at ~22 months past the 2nd MVD, and she is still medication free. Her Geniculate Neuralgia is completely gone. Trigeminal Neuralgia likes to give us a little blip every month or so, but generally lines up with sickness, or when she lets herself get exhausted, or when she had too many tests/papers in one week and gets stressed out. Even the blips though are much, much less intense and shorter than her previous nearly-daily attacks, so we will happily take it!