2 operations done and back again

Had Gamma Knife Surgery in 2010 and MVD in 2003. Pain came back Nov 22, 2013. Major pain

(lasting 5 minutes straight) came on Nov 29 and again on Dec 1 when trying to eat anything (1 small cheez it set off pain lasting 5 minutes. Cannot brush teeth or eat anything without major 5 minute bout now. Taking oxcarbazepine now (1500 mg daily) and seems to be of no help. When I am pain free I don't take any meds. Any folks had 2 surgeries and had it

come back. How about major attacks lasting 5 minutes straight thru or longer. Currently in Florida for winter. Just retires.

Not familiar with Doctors down here. Help ! This is incapacitating me again. Mike (Michael.koop@yahoo.com)

Hello, I had a Rhizotomy done back in Nov 2012, I am beginning to feel little twinges in my cheek again. I have set up a Dr visit for January while I am taking 900mgs of the Oxcarbazine and 900mg of the Gabapentin each day. I knew the procedure was only good for 6 months to 6 years but it at least can be done again.

It took four surgeries over five years to knock it down, for me.