18 Days Post MVD

I am scheduled to have an Endoscopic MVD by Dr . Jon YK Lee of Penn Medicine in Philadelphia, PA. My surgery is schedule for April 18th and I am already nervous beyond belief. Has anyone had this type of surgery for Trigeminal Neuralgia? He did show me a video which was on Youtube. If anyone has had this how was the recovery time and when could you resume normal life style again such as laundry, grocery, brisk walking and travel? I do have faith in my surgeon and am blessed to live only 35 mins away from this hospital, I am just so anxious over the whole thing. Drugs no longer working and side affects from them getting worse. Sorry for rambling.

I think Dr Fukushima does key-hole MVDs (I think its the same thing as the endocscopic MVD? not 100% sure). If you search for his name on the forum youll see a few stories including this one:

good luck!

Thank you so much Haach76. Hope my dr is as good as Dr Fukashima. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Sounds like recovery may be shorter with this procedure. I am going on April 11th for some prework and will get more answers. Thanks again for your response.

I wish you the very best outcome.
Keep us posted when you can.
You’re in my thoughts.

I wish you the best also! I am sure you will have a successful surgery and come back and tell us all about it :smiley:

Good luck!

Thank you both.

Well, I hope all goes well. I wonder, though, if you have explored Upper Cervical Chiropractic treatment? I was considering the MVD surgery myself a year ago when a friend suggested seeing a chiropractor. I was skeptical as I had heard that they were all quacks, but I figured I would check it out before I had someone open me up for surgery. I found out that there are specialists that deal with problems in the Upper Cervical area that have had success in treating TN. I went through the medications that brought little relief and many side affects that you are already probably aware of by now. My pain was unbearable and debilitating and I did not know what I was going to do, so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try a UCC. I have had great success after seeing the UCC. It did take some time, but now my pain is negligible and has been for a few months now. It probably does not work for everyone, but again, the upside to giving it a try could be great. Regardless of which route you take I wish you all the best.

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It is nice to see you around, after you found relief. Feel many/ some who find a solution leave without sharing. One question, what is a Hoosier?

Thanks for the info, I actually did consider this, but pain gets so bad just want to make it stop. I was worried what if cervical chiropractor made it worse. My neurologist said at this point I needed to think about some kind of procedure. He sent me to a neurosurgeon he trusted, but I also did research and found Dr Lee. Both thought MVD was the way to go. At this point I’ve had my pre bloodwork and EKG done and family has scheduled time off to get me through it all. I am so very blessed to have two sister-in-laws that are nurses and best friend is nurse. Husband has already scheduled vacation time and so has my son. Looks like I’m doing this.

Your worried that a chiro might make it worse. Bosltov, I’m in no way trying to belittle you, but do you think about the potential of someone drilling a hole in your head and then performing surgery with the criteria involved, might not be a bigger risk? Search this site and there are those with an adverse reaction, and I’m pretty sure they’re not easily overcome. If you don’t like the thought of chiro, maybe consider a different form of physical therapy first, considering some folk on this site are gaining results of late. Sparky1, his spouse, would presently seem to be benefiting.

Find it hard to believe someone manages to convince patients/ or the patient convinces themselves that MVD is a better consideration from a risk point of view, before trying anything but.

I second the comments that if you haven’t tried Upper Cervical Chiropractic, please do so. From posts on this forum and others, it’s clear MVD’s have a mixed success rate. UCC has worked for many people, including me. I went in to the office not talking or eating due to the intense pain it triggered. Within a week I was pretty much back to normal. Within a month, it was gone. I believe it will only work if your atlas bone is shifted pretty severely to the side, and is causing a pressure point on the nerve. I’m sure there could be other causes, but it’s definitely something to try, as it’s both low cost and low risk. Dr Brad Hirschorn in Philadelphia, PA was the first Chiro I went to, and he’s pretty good, but recently changed practice methods, so I switched to Dr Goodman in New Holland, PA.
Whatever route you choose, may God bless you with healing.

Thank you Aiculsamoth and George1 for your sincere advice. I have looked for a cervical chiropractor and found none in my area. I checked into this route several years ago. I already have family and friends taking time off to help me through recovery of e-MVD. I do know how risky the surgery is and that the pain can return, but I have to think positive and believe I will be helped by this after 9 years of suffering and meds killing me. I know you both think I am crazy but I am going through with the surgery. I live east of Philadelphia so to travel to a chiropractor several times a week isn’t really a good option for me. I do appreciate your input on this. I am happy that you both have found pain relief with the Chiropractors. Thanks again.

I wish you well. I will pray for you for success of this operation. It is so hard to travel even short distance with this monster pain. And travelling long 3 times in a week for treatment is too much.
Best of Luck

The only explanation that I have heard is that it is a combination of “Who’s there?” I guess when folk would call through the screen door that they were coming in for a visit the response was “Who’s there?” Not very exciting, huh? Maybe another Hoosier out there has a better answer, but that is what I have heard.:slight_smile:

I am now 18 days post op. Had Endoscopic MVD and so far so good. I must say, it was much easier than I expected. Basically no pain at sight and just mild headache after I awoke. Came to ICU room about 3pm accepted 25mg shot of fentynal (sp) around 5:30pm and again about 3a.m. next morning. Accepted 1 Tylenol with codeine around 10a.m. next morning. I felt wonderful. The main discomfort for me was having IV, Catheter, and BP monitor on as this was very constraining. I cannot sleep in one position. Nurses at Penn ICU were wonderful. Next afternoon I accepted 1 Tylenol with codeine after dinner and was good for the night. Had slight nagging headache next day but took 1 Tylenol with codeine on empty stomach which was a bad idea. Sick to my stomach for hours. Had a little bit of lunch, food was terrible, and started to feel better. Left hospital late that afternoon for home. At home mostly stiff neck on side they operated on, dizziness and hearing seemed like I was underwater. No meds at all after 4th day. Post op visit 9 days later for removal of stitches was told had fluid behind eardrum from swelling. This has now improved greatly. Allergies didn’t help the matter. I was told at that time I could drive very short distances 10-15 minutes from home. I still am not permitted to bend lower than waist or lift more than 5-10 lbs. I am still slightly dizzy, but that could be due to ear fluid . I have been slowing cutting down on my Oxcarbazapine at rate of 150mgs a week. Still have slight numbness around wound, but that seems to get less and less with each day. Dr. John Y.K. Lee did my surgery. The opening is so small my hair covers it up, so people can’t even tell I had surgery. One thing I don’t care for is I have to use Johnsons Baby Head to toe at least till May 22nd when my next visit is. I can’t use conditioner, I can’t dye hair for 3 months and when I shower everyday I need separate towel for head and body. These are minor things in the grand scheme of life though. Dr. Lee found an artery and a vein both pressing on the nerve and placed the Teflon accordingly. I did not get a metal plate, I only needed bone putty and some type of fabric over the hole. Hair is already growing back. The shaved part is only about as big as a silver dollar. If anyone has questions I will be more than happy answer as best I can. Hopefully when I am fully off the meds my surgery will have been a success. I will let you all know.

Very happy for you! I hope your relief is lifelong. I will come back to see how you are doing and I hope they will all be good reports.

I am now off my meds completely for 3 weeks. Still have fear in back of mind the pain will strike back, but am hopeful it will not. For the past 3 weeks I am back to my old life. Resumed walking 3 miles daily with my friend. Rode bicycle 12 miles with my husband no problems at all. I kept telling my husband, I probably wouldn’t be able to do the whole ride, but I surprised myself. Head is still a little bit tender at site of incision and still have slight numbness on top of ear and scalp on side of surgery. I have developed a very dry mouth, but that may not be related to surgery. I will be addressing this with my primary care doc on Jul 24th. I am no longer tired all of the time.

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