10 sings you have TN- Everyone please add on to this! (For fun)

1. A love hate war with diet coke- I love you! I will drink you! ACK! That Hurt! Ok another sip! Yum! Owe!

2. You talk to your toothbrush and floss at night- Ok baby, be gentle! I need to get this mashed potato taste out of my mouth!

3. Your neurologist or neurosurgeon is the most called number from your phone. Nuff said. No longer is it the crush you had. (maybe thats a good thing).

4. Your cats stare at you all day and follow you around- they love that your home all the time, and you feel bad that when the MVD surgery works that you will be back to normal life and they will feel disowned.

5. Bye Bye headbands! Awe- such a good tool on bad hair days, gone to waste!

6. The debate of hiring a cleaning service to help out around the house. Am I that lazy!? Wait, I have TN, wait am I that lazy!? Ewww, the dishes are groooos.

7. YAY! Its snowing! Oh, crap. Stupid snowflakes.

8. No, I'm not a drug addict. Codine! Where is my Codine!? Whoooah.

9. I Will lay on my other side tonight! I will! OK Pillows, Time for a 10 minute rearrangement strategy session!

10. OMG I think I need diapers. Stupid medicine side effects. Ruuun!

1) Sweet, chewy red Twizzlers, offered to me by my daughter, "Oh, how you mock me".

2) "IF IT'S TOO LOUD, YOU'RE TOO OLD"! (or you have intractable pain and simply don't feel like screaming "TURN IT DOWN"!)

3) I'm sorry that you're having a bad hair day. I'm having a bad face life.

4) "One pill makes you sleepy, one pill makes you drawl, and the ones that Neuro gives you, don't do anything at all!" Umm . . . . Can I go ask Alice about this one?

5) You're throwing a party Friday night? I'd love to come, but will you be serving Morphine?

6) Living w/ TN is my new Facebook.

7) Stop interrupting, honey, you'll have your turn to talk in the next 2 1/2 hours that I can't.

8) Pause the movie! I'm going to the bathroom! Wish me luck!

9) Hello, Mr. Pain Management Practitioner, ma'am. Now, that you have my $200, my blood pressure, my pill count and my urine, MAY I PLEASE HAVE 15 MINS. OF YOUR TIME TO DISCUSS HOW YOU MAY MAKE MY ENTIRE MONTH BEARABLE WITH JUST A FEW STROKES OF YOUR PEN? (hold your breath, turn script over slowly, <breathe> is that 15 now a 20 and is that 4 x now a 5 x daily?")

10) There is a difference between addiction vs. dependency. But, yes, My name is Stef, and I am an addict. My addiction to a pain free life began in 1972. Other addictions include : spending a lot of quality time with my kids for 18 yrs., to keeping my house looking nice and neat since 1994, and to holding fun and lucrative positions in pretty offices. I've been almost clean of all of that now for 3-7 yrs.??????

*This has been a fun vent. Going to make some hot tea now and hang out with my little girl. It's a good thing she likes to read ME stories now!

Hope you all are better than I this evening. God bless you all!