Living With Facial Pain

TN Nerve Ablation


Scheduled tomorrow for TN ablation. This process has helped me get off Baclaphen and Carbamazapine. Still on Gabapentin. This is the 4th time I will be going in for the ‘needle’. Makes me extremely ill for a day but the relief it gives can be months. The actual extreme pain from the TN stops with this process but the process itself causes some weird sensations. It’s a blessing to not have to set a timer multiple times a day to make sure I don’t miss a dose of Gabapentin. The longest relief I’ve received has been 8 months. Shortest, 5 months.
Be well and smile often. (imagine!)


Best of luck to you . Hope for a year or more !!!



Praying for you. No I can’t imagine smiling without pain. I go back in 2 weeks for decision on what to do. 6 months after gamma knife and very little relief. Repeat gamma knife, surgery, who knows?


Thank you everyone for your well wishes. I made it through and today am experiencing blissful pain relief even in my arthritic hips so must still be blessed by pain meds from yesterday. Wish it would last forever.


Redbekia, hope your ablation went well. When I read your post and you mentioned the needle I looked it up but I couldn’t find an answer to that procedure. I had a rhizotomy 2 years ago and it is a procedure with a needle. I was wondering if it’s the same procedure. Again, I hope your procedure went well. Be blessed. Gloria37


Hi Gloria. I get a glycerol injection into a pocket that the trigeminal nerve goes through. They call it a nerve ablation. The whole side of my face and part of my tongue becomes numb. A blessing. Lasts 4 to 8 months for me so far. This is my fourth time. I struggle with their anesthesia methods that make me horribly ill for 24 hours. This time they simply put me into deep sleep but when I came up I was in deep pain and it took them a bit to balance it. Once they got that under control I have been awesomely wonderful. Numb is so much better than electrocution over and over again. I pray that next time, since I know there will be one, they will have that post anesthesia pain under control also. It all seems to be a learning experience. I like the team and feel like they are really on my side.


Redbekia, thanks for clearing that up for me. I have not had a chance to chat with a lot of people with that procedure. It does sound like just The rhizotomy that I had in 2016 I have not had to repeat but I will definitely do that if the need arises. My procedure was done at John Hopkins Hospital in Maryland , by Dr Lim. I have a brain tumor that is inoperable, it pushes on the Trigeminal nerve. I hope yours will last beyond 8 months this time. Good luck. Let’s keep in touch. Gloria37