Living With Facial Pain

Pure CBD Oil


so being in the UK you can only get cbd, only a few people can get it with the thc from a specialist. I have type1 and type2 on both sides meds are failing.

I’d like to ask before i spend, those who have tried the pure CBD oil with THC specially made, does it work? Thanks


I’m so sorry that must be really tough. I have tried CBD and it didn’t work for me but there are some that it does so probably worth a try. I’m trying accupuncture nest.


i would have tried botox but they took that choice away from me and said theres nothing they could do for me!! i don’t know what way to turn with the cannabis thing, i’ve just put up the tegretol and now a lamotrigine and feel drunk and im so fed up with this as im sure everyone else is :sob::sob:


Yes, I take Trileptal and have bad side effects. Drunk all of the time is a good way to describe it.


I have tried so many pure CBD oils in Canada medical grade and they did nothing for the pain.The high THC oil is what gets me to sleep.
I spent last week going to hospital.I had the dental specialist do some cortisone shots on my digastric muscle.They said it would not help-but I did not think I would lst till the end of the month.
took the pain way down.I have an appointment with them for BOTOX next week.This all costs money-but I am with you.end of the line.However-I have found that narcotics work for me-to an extent-so maybe that is a route you could go.It is really horrid that we are in such pain and then someone says no- they won’t even let you TRY something.

Some people have good things to say about CBD oil.
I am glad I gave it a good try.But it did not work on my facial pin.
All the best


I take 1000 mg CBD with 50 mg THC mostly for relaxing at night so I can get to sleep. Just started this last month. I notice that it helps some, not a lot yet. Mine is from Green revolution.com. I’ll take some help over none. Good luck!!!


I have had TGN on left side of face for over a year. Dentist, then root canal (which made pain worse), then an ENT told me what was wrong. Neurologist put me on Lamictal for 2 months which did not help, Baclofen made me sick. After 5 months of pain went to major neurosurgery clinic and had gamma knife. After 5 months got about 50% pain relief. Then OMG: that side of my face became numb and I started biting inside of cheek and lips when I eat or sometimes during sleep. Then the pain returned with a vengeance. Around mouth on left side and into side of nose. Neurosurgeon wants me to repeat gamma knife. I can’t stand more numbness. Just started back on Lamictal; but I don’t expect much. Yesterday I bought some Hemp-CBD oil. Only thing legal in NC. I was told by a doctor friend to rub it on gum up inside that part of my mouth and then put few drops under tongue. Amazing results! 50-60% pain relief in few minutes and it lasts for hours.