Milk Thistle


I was just wondering if anyone knows of any research regarding the use of Milk Thistle as a liver protectant from all the other cool other drugs we get to take?
any experience?


Hi Ellen. I’m interested to know also. I just googled it and was a bit overwhelmed with all the info. Talking to someone at a good health store that’s knowledgeable would be great. Just have to get to one. As I was searching lemon juice also came up. I’ve worked in dialysis for many years… until this TN stuff ruined that so I’m always concerned about kidneys as well as our filtering liver. I have another idea I’m looking into but should go to another topic
I just took some "drugs " again to help me calm down the anxiety of the next attack. Great question Ellen


With all the tylenol in the t 3’s I have been taking I generally pop a milk
thistle at the same time.
Dandelion root tea is also a good liver herb-dandelion leaf tea is good for
the kidneys.
Now you have made me curious and I must look to see what you are looking
in to.
I swear,my name should have been Pandora.Can’t help being curious!


I was interested in daith piercing. Lol. I can’t stand that either. Too curious


hugs-I looked that up and then had to google daith


Yes, I am on Neurontin and Trileptal, and my Liver Enzymes became abnormally high. After I began taking Milk Thistle twice a day, they went back down to normal. :slight_smile:


Thanks Jersey Girl
Nice to know.Any particular brand or amount.And how bout your regular
Did you mention it?
So good to know!