Living With Facial Pain

Klonipin use


How many of you use Klonipin for ATN, What dosage do you use, how many times a day. Thx


Hi, I take Klonopin .5 mg. twice a day…sometimes less, for my ATN and Neuropathic pain caused by trauma, I also take a high dose of Lyrica, Tramadol, Topamax, Lidocaine, and Zoloft. The Klonopin calms down my system.


How long have you been on the Klonipin. What type of trauma, was it dental. Are you still in pain or able to function


I used clonazepam (klonopin generic) for a while when I had burning type pain. I used it both orally and topically, it was very effective when used topically. Once I quite Percocet, that type of pain went away.

Currently I use another benzodiazephine–diazepam (Valium) as I much prefer it and it is longer-lasting. I use it all the time topically as part of a mix, and orally when I’m having a really bad pain day. It is actually the most effective treatment for ATN dental pain at this point for me.

I can’t recommend taking a benzodiazephine continuously. It is too easy to become highly dependent and withdrawal at that point becomes a living h----. It is known as worse than heroin withdrawal. It is also very dangerous to mix with opiates at higher doses of either. But for occasional or topical use I find it very helpful.


I have taking Klonopin as part of my “cocktail” for about 10 years. My nerve pain initially began after sinus surgery when the T nerve was damaged along with the benign tumor removed. Since I did not have a proper diagnosis of how to treat the pain which started shortly thereafter (15 yrs.) ago, I tried 2 procedures which damaged my face even more instead of helping: Glycerol Injection and Gamma Knife, both of which have increased the pain and caused the entire left side of my face to become numb. I guess if I had classical TNA, then those treatments may have helped. Bottom Line: get a proper diagnosis
before subjecting yourself to “surgical” procedures. Well, I am able to function, but the pain and symptoms increase as the nerve continues to morph in new directions. But, I have learned to live with it Life goes on, with modification. And, I am able to still smile. Sorry for the long reply. And, thank you for your interest. Bless you!.


So sorry for all that you have been through and still in pain. I’ve read so many horror stories about Klonipin, so I’ve stopped reading. It helps a bit, yet without it the pain is above a 10. All of these drugs have side effects. I can’t have any of the procedures done. Thank you for responding


I use 1mg of Kilonokin daily at bedtime. I also use Lyrica 150 mg a day, tegretol 100 mg ER in middle of day and if very bad day, baclofin 30 mg at night in bed. Mostly this works. Klonopin is very very difficult to withdraw from and so us Ltrica. So think it over carefully.


Coming off klonipin is horrible, I was actually off for 4 months, but my neuropathic pain was so horrible I went back on. I either take. .5 twice a day or like yesterday I took .5 in the morning and .25 around 5. I have been on it for over 3 yrs now. Its interesting because in the book Striking Back they say it’s used much more our of the US. more of a add on. I take nothing else. I was diagnosed with neuropathic tooth pain. Its been 5 yrs dealing with this plus tmj which I wear a splint at night and many times during the day which helps my pain also since it balances out my mouth. Hugs to you