Gum that relieves pain and helps with Saliva too


I live on Trident sugarless gum with XYLITOL, the green package works best. I keep 2 in my mouth while sleeping and the Xylitol runs down my throat onto my vocal cords, and reduces the pain I have 24/7. I am still taking 1200mg of gabapentin with Amitryptilene 75mg B4 bed. I still can feel some pain, but I function so much better and the pain disappears many times in the evening, only. Its not much relief just having no pain for just a few hrs. in evening, but I am so happy to get it. Please TRY THE GUM, IT REALLY WORKS. I wonder if there is a way to get some Xylitol?? Is there any one in this group that lives close to Texas, USA? Would love to meet others suffering like me. Marie Sanders


God Bless All of you. There must be a purpose God is allowing this. Does anyone know of a successful neuro-surgeon who does the GPN surgery? I might consider another surgery if I can find a really good surgeon, in the USA. Thanks for your help. Marie


Xylitol is easy to find. Clickhere!

You've given this discussion thread a title about gum, Marie. But then you ask about surgeons. You'd be better off starting a new discussion for specifically that. Be sure to mention your location: you never know, you may find someone really good quite close to home

Good luck with your search, Marie.