Flare = Fatigue?


I don’t know if I’m making random connections or not so I’m wondering if anyone else experiences fatigue before a flare starts.

For the past year or so it seems like I feel tired/fatigued the day before I notice the ATN side of my face starting to feel funny – I usually get a strange, heavy feeling on that side before the pain starts, which gives me a chance to take steps against the pain before it really starts to flare.

Anyone else notice something along these lines that is not connected to medication?


Yo u are not imagining things at all. Any chronic pain is exhausting. The longer you have this the more dots you will connect. I won’t even get into the nutty symptoms I have had over the years.

And stress is one of my biggest triggers so getting lots of extra rest and taking time for self-care is very important.


Hello Azurelle, I agree with you. If I am really tired I’m just asking for head pain.Lately I have been really exhausted. We drove a long way to visit our relatives and it hit me hard but once there I stayed in bed for 24 hours at a time.That seemed to help. I took you advice and used those stick on pain strips and they seemed to help also, thanks. terry