Exersize as a cure for pain


I have had geniculate neuralgia for the last 3 years . It’s been horrible. I’ve tried all the meds , the pain soecaulist told me it was time for surgery . I’ve been turned down by multiple surgeons ?? Idk why . I was at the end of my rope I wanted to kill myself ( the meds made me crazy ) .
I started going to workout classes at the gym and stopped my meds. They weren’t working anyway.
The weirdest thing happened , the pain started to fade away with every class I took . After a month of working out 3 days a week I had NO PAIN . Wow this is crazy right !!?? No pain . It had been so very long since I hadn’t had any pain . So I kept going for months and had no pain.
Then I got the flu really bad and couldn’t work out for 2 weeks. Pain came back. Soon as I was better I was back working out and after a week or so the pain was gone again !! So by now I’m convinced it is the working out that is really working !!
I am completely pain free if I stick to my 3 or 4 days a week of VIGOROUS workout . If I miss a couple classes, the next week the pain will return and not go away for one to two weeks . Crazy right . So I’ve been working out hard for 8 months now and have been mostly pain free . Life sometimes gets in the way and makes me miss a class . And the pain comes back for a little while . But I am so happy to have found something that works so well and the side effects are weight loss, and rockin body and a clear mind . Please someone try this it worked for me .


Fedup, that is fantastic that you have found such a workable and positive way to make your pain go away! Hopefully some others can learn from your experience and have good results. Unfortunately, exercise doesn’t do it for me–my work is very physically hard. It feels a bit better while I work, but no longer relief. But I’m sure there is something short of meds that I will find that works.


I also find that if I keep active, walking, cutting grass, working in garden etc. Helps my pain either gone totally or down to just there. I hate the cold weather because I don’t stay outside as much. I am on no meds and only do accupuncture.


Before I started this new workout routine I also found that staying active helped but this is more than help that I have found now . It’s completely gone As long as I don’t miss class.


I find that exercise a,es the pain worse. Anyone have that problem?