Essential Oils


Has anyone tried any Essential Oils - specifically Birth and Helichrysum which are topical anesthetics ??


I have used Peppermint Oil and it does provide some relief, although not for a long duration of time - maybe a couple of hours at best. I use it to supplement my usual drugs. The important thing about essential oils is that you must mix most of them with a "carrier" oil, like olive or grapeseed oil, as they are too potent to use on their own. For Peppermint Oil, I mix 2-3 drops per teaspoon of olive oil and then brush it on with a q-tip. It's worth a shot, and at least it smells nice.


Thank you Sarafina - much appreciated


Great! Do you then put it on along your entire branch or just the pulsating area, or on most of your face if you are aching?


just an update - I am in remission - now for about 8 weeks... I have mixed peppermint oils 5 drops and Geranium 3 drops into a Sweet Almond carrier oil. I carry it with me in a little dropper.... and when I get some pain from my top left 4 molars.

I sniff the preparation.... and it seems to settle the the pain.... the first time I was in a situation - driving I think and could not stop to apply it to my skin, so sniffed it and it worked!!

Maybe it relaxes the nerves or something and allows the pain to pass.... but it is working...

to sniff it, one has to take deep breaths - this by default is relaxing....

Amazing.... Gail Patricia


GP, inhalation is a great way to use essential oils. The lining in your nose is made up of mucous membrane, which is thinner than skin and allows the essential oils to cross the lining. It then gets into your blood stream quicker than anything else can. In fact, inhaling is the only direct route to reach the cerebral cortex.

There have been some great studies done on geranium essential oil and the effects on inflammation and nerves, I hope they continue to look at it. And I am glad it is helping you with the pain!


I’m really interested in the helichrysum oil . Anybody have any new insight?