Diet & Acupuncture


hello,I was wondering if anyone follows a diet that may help the triggers. I'm really willing to try anything to assist with the break through. I was also curious if anyone ever tried Acupuncture. I'm going for my first visit tomorrow. It can hurt to try.


I was diagnosed in June 2015. At that time I was on no carb, dairy,

sugar free diet due to too much yeast in my system. I have pain in lower right jaw, numb tongue, sensitive lip and sometimes ear feels clogged. I decided to try accupuncture in Dec of 2015. I feel it is very helpful. I started 2 times a week and am now going to try 2 times a month. When the weather is nice I usually have no pain. I do eat as low carb as possible and I am lucky because we raise our meat and eggs. I eat very clean, nothing processed. I find if I cheat and have sugar or too much carb I have pain. I find that I must keep a good attitude and not feel sorry for myself and eat junk. When I do and think too much I feel pain also. I am on no meds at this time. The acupuncturist also had me get Shingles shot and I take vitamin B. I was also going to a nutritionist but had to stop due to the cost of the accupuncture and nutritionist. I am going to start next month if I stay going to accupuncture 2 times a month. I am very happy at this stage and hope it works for you. BEST OF LUCK!!


Just me EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT…but I didn’t get any relief from the acupuncture …I tried two different places…I know people that swear by it though for different things


I have used acupunture and got relief on the type 2 but havent gotten relief on type 1. Like Jennifer Muir said everyone is different.