Cervical traction


Has any one tried the over the door cervical traction devices?That stretch your neck.Thinking about it


What is your thought process behind this? Not saying it is a bad idea but where are you coming from?


Well bad ,BAD pain day today-so maybe my thought process is a bit off.My problems started after dental procedures during sleep dentistry.I have no idea how much they twisted my neck while I was asleep.I have a small mouth,so they could have done some major twisting.I had a neck MRI done and it shows some compressions between C1 and C4.So if the little tail of the trigeminal nerve is caught up somewhere streyching the neck might help?


Cervical traction might seem plausible, but it can have some rather severe side effects if you happen to stretch your neck just wrong. I suggest that you consult with your primary care provider before you attempt something like this. Another avenue to talk about might be an occipital nerve block. Though I’ve never heard of one that worked, there are people on the site who advocate for that approach.

I wish you wellness.


Hi Red
I am thinking.My primary care doctor would not approve-however he has given me a prescription for physiotherapy-so I will ask the therapist.


I had an occipital nerve block that relieved the pain on top of my head and the pain at the base of my skull for about a week. This amounted to about 20 percent overall pain relief, as most of my pain is in the middle branch of the trigeminal nerve (I have TN2, the constant kind, not the shocking kind). Still, when you’re at the end of your rope, sometimes 20 percent can be just enough relief to keep you going. I wish you peace from this monster.


Cervical traction may help,but it may be a little severe as an approach, how about cervical exercises under direction from a physical therapist of sorts, or even physical therapy full stop.

Cervical nerve blocks can and do relieve symptoms, in some cases. This however doesn’t treat the cause, but lower the inflammation in said area.

Inflammation is your bodies healing mechanism, so you might feel better but you want to address the cause.

I’d consider a positive reaction to a cervical nerve block as a very high indication of neck involvement. Address the neck issue, life style changes to aid inflammation.

The below link should be of interest, and if you search pubmed there are others, if you can’t find them ask, I’ll do my best.

Wishing you well.


Yes I tried this many years ago for a pinched nerve in my neck. It helped while I was
lifting my head (took pressure of the pinched nerve). I had a laminectomy in 1995 from C3 to C7 . This stopped the sharp pains and numbness in my hands and loss of strength in my left arm.

Some doctors see a relationship between neck problems and TN.


Hi John
Thanks.I had the neck MRI because with some meds I was developing numbness
in my hands at night.The MRI showed constrictions on both sides of my neck
from C2 to C4 but everything normal below that.No idea why the numbness in
the hands-unless I have very weirded up nerves.I hope you are well or at
least well controlled pain.


yes,however if you have severe jaw pain ,it will really make it worse.I have TN2 & GPN ,compression of vertabra in neck better to have a pt treat .