Can you touch your face?


Thank you for writing this down! I’ve just had the most horrid weekend and ended up in the ER. It finally started to ramp down a little today and I thought about chewing which does help me, chewing ice or when I’m eating and I always thought that was strange. But I haven’t been able to chew gum because I had like the right side of my teeth taken out, had a cracked tooth and a temp cap. I didn’t want to mess it up worse. So much unnecessary dental work that ended up being TN. But now that I can chew gum, I’m trying it today and it goes against my instincts when I get an attack because I want to just protect my face, no one touch it don’t move. But it’s working. It’s bringing the pain down. I can feel it wanting to come out and the chewing is like a barrier. I don’t understand it at all and I don’t know how long it will work for but even if it just helps for tonight, thank you! Better than any med I could get at a pharmacy.


I am so happy for you! This is the miracle of this forum, we all learn from each other.

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Mine comes and goes. Sometimes touch is a trigger and sometimes it isn’t. We are all so different. But cold wind and air are not my friend so I am always aware of that when I am outside, in the car or in the office.


Oh I hope so much for you that it works. I can understand why you are scared. I am thinking about it as well. Can I ask where you are having it done?.