Anyone using Medical Marijuana?


I wish I could handle smoking even a little and maybe I’ll try again. right now when I get a TN strike as you describe I do a little of my THCA (non pschoactive THC) and it helps, but it sounds as if you are getting better and faster relief than I am.


Yes. She does my botox for the migraines. Went from 22 a month to less than
half. Then in 2007 came the tn coincidentally right after my 3rd sinus
surgery. ATn has progressed and gotten worse ever since. Considered MVD.
Saw 5 neurosurgeons, one in Oregon. Not convinced it is right for me. I
just retired from my school district in July. No change in quality or
quantity of with atn or migraines but at least I don’t have to jump up and
conduct 12-14 hrs of work 5 days a week! Now I work part time. Hoping as I
get used to retirement and can sleep in when migraines hit at 4 or 5 am
and/or atn flares at 10 pm. Time will tell.


I too have been trying to figure out the right dosage and mixture. I’ve cut back 25% on the carbamezapine (side effects are terrible) but I’m still experiencing random episodes. I have a CBD/THCA combo (not real effective). Also a CBD/THC of 600/1 and a 2/1. It sounds like maybe I’m not taking enough. They recommend a full dropper, which is 1 ml. 2.5 ml seems like a high dosage, unless I misunderstood the amount you’re taking, but I think I’ll give it a try. Thanks for the input.


I for one am super happy that someone has posted about this particular topic. I was diagnosed with TN at the age of 24 officially, but had symptoms way super before who would have known.
My first step was starting with Vicodin. I was getting bottles with 100 pills of vicodin a month. It was CRAZY. It feels like a big black hole of time in my life that all I could do what take Vicodin for the pain.
I than started on gabapentin, tramadol, gosh just cocktails of pills. Before this I had never taken serious medications for and extended period of time especially like the anti-convulsants (constants sleepiness, brain in a fog, bad coordination, dependence on the medication etc etc)
After finally getting on the final cocktail I was on 1200 mg of Tegretol, plus other meds after; two microvascular decompression’s on the right and left side, hundreds of nerve blocks around my head and face, acquiring occipital neuralgia, stellate ganglion blocks and just riding the pain 24/7, I finally tried marijuana.

POT has saved my life. I became allergic to tegretol after using for three years straight. I became allergic to opioids. The only thing that was helping was not for long term use. I began to smoke and as time went on with daily marijuana smoking which at the time was the only way that worked. It was a life saver.

I made through the rest of college I was able to concentrate again I could read an entire book learned some french. Unfortunately it was not enough.

If I was having an attack it would hold me over until I could either get medical attention or just to get me to calm down enough to get some food in my before taking meds.

I am currently not taking any pain meds on a regular basis. I have 4 neurostimulators occipital bilateral, V1-V3 Bilateral. I still need baclofen for the tremors, LDN but for real relief all I need is to take a few controlled hits, and thats it.

At first it was very hard, and even now people don’t understand why I smoke. NY recently passed medical marijuana. Since it is a polarizing issue and my pain mgmt doctor said he would have a hard time from the establishments stance he would not give me a referral. I got one from my GP but have to overcome the medical records, and the price. Its a bit of a rip off especially since I know it works, and still out of range.

It is an absolutely wonderful alternative. My 72 y/o dad helps me when I cannot hold it together for the pain. I know that when all else failed this has helped immensely. I wish that this were an acceptable way of getting better. I feel hindered in a way. Even though I smoke and feel good there are very few jobs that do not drug test.

I know some of my family members believe I am an addict and a lazy person because of the pain stuff but I have never been able to just say yes this helps me and I am not sure why WE as a community are kept from this as a viable, and safe way of managing our pain. Complimenting the rest of our stuff with the most organic thing we ingest to get ourselves to a baseline.


Could you tell me how you are two years later? Much better, I certainly hope! If you are still taking CBD oil would you tell me which and how you take it? Thank you.


The condition has returned with a vengeance after being in remission. I obtain my cbd from smoking marijuana with a high potency of cbd.



So sorry to hear that, I just hope it’s short lived for you.